Find your perfect match for limitless gaming and productive home office: The Couchmaster® - your personal comfort on the sofa!

So you’ve decided on a Couchmaster® to improve your work-from-home setup or are ready to upgrade your gaming equipment - congratulations! We think this is an excellent idea. Our ergonomic design and environmentally-friendly materials make us the perfect choice for those looking to get nerdy all day, every day, but you might still be wondering how to choose the right Couchmaster®. Firstly, be assured all our patented designs have undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimum ergonomics. If you’re keen to enjoy a long session, the right setup will be vital for ensuring the best possible experience.

Gone are the days of neck pain, lower back aches, strained wrists, spilt coffee cups and spaghetti-monster wire situations. The Couchmaster®’s two cushions help users sit upright with their lower arms positioned at the correct 90-degree angle to maintain a healthy posture for as long as needed. No matter which Couchmaster® you choose, you’ll want to avoid a setup where you’re sinking into cushions or mattresses and ensure your couch or headboard supports your back. Luckily, our dual, square-cushion design is a universal shape that will fit the majority of couches and bed setups. With that in mind, let’s explore which Couchmaster® will work best for you!

No matter which couch master you choose, it's crucial to make sure you don't sink too much into the cushion or couch, and that your sofa or bed headboard offers your back the proper support. Luckily, our square pillow design offers a versatile solution that fits seamlessly into sofa and bed configurations.

With these important considerations in mind, let's work together to find out which Couchmaster® is best suited to your needs and preferences. Because nothing is more important than the perfect interplay of comfort, ergonomics and style to create an unparalleled gaming experience or an efficient home office environment.

So let's explore the options and find the ideal Couchmaster® for you!


Best for gamers: Couchmaster® CYCON²

Couchmaster® CYCON² in its natural habitat

Compatible with PC, PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5, and the XBox Series, we built the Couchmaster® CYCON² with gamers in mind. Developed with a German Design University, this Couchmaster® is optimised with cable management, convenient side pockets and six lag-free USB 3.0 ports (two outside, four inside the board), including a quick charge port. The Couchmaster® CYCON² also features an exclusive supercharging adaptor cable made to satisfy even the most power-hungry devices.

Connect your keyboards, mice, gamepads and headsets and charge mobile devices like smartphones or tablets with ease at the fast-charging USB ports. The original Couchmaster® CYCON² comes in both black and grey options with a roomy 29,5-inch seating area for ultimate comfort. Alternatively, you can choose the TITAN edition for a luxurious leather look, or you might enjoy the gaming graphics on our Couchmaster® CYPUNK edition.

Experience an immersive gaming world accompanied by unmatched comfort with the Couchmaster® CYCON². Immerse yourself in an extraordinary gaming experience while your Couchmaster® faithfully stands by your side to give you the edge.


Best for home office: Couchmaster® CYWORX

Home office from the Couchmaster® CYWORX made easy

Save the desk for the office with this neat and compact setup. Our Couchmaster® CYWORX is made for all those that want to maximise their home office with both productivity and comfort in mind. With room for your laptop and tablet, it’s the best choice for wireless devices and Notebooks up to 17". Its generous grille also guarantees perfect ventilation for your hardware, so you don’t have to worry about your tech breaking from overheating.

One of the best things about home office is that you can feel more relaxed, and the Couchmaster® CYWORX helps you do so without compromising on ergonomics or looks. Its lighter colour palette make it a modern and stylish design, with relieving palm rests for optimum arm and wrist positioning that enables a comfortable, upright posture.

With the Couchmaster® CYWORX you create the perfect balance between productivity and comfort in your home office. Enjoy a relaxed working atmosphere without sacrificing ergonomic benefits and appealing design. Be inspired by its functionality and aesthetics and optimize your working environment for maximum efficiency.


Best for gaming & home office: Couchmaster® CYBOSS

For all the bosses and girl bosses out there: The Couchmaster® CYBOSS

With a 33,5-inch seating area, the Couchmaster® CYBOSS is our largest, most versatile Couchmaster® yet. A comfy fit for every body type and all activities, the Couchmaster® CYBOSS features an enlarged and improved support surface for even more flexibility.

The central position of the ventilation grill means users can use the full width of the board to curate their setup to their personal preferences. It also makes the Couchmaster® CYBOSS ideal for both left and right-hand users.

The new board is made of environmentally friendly, sustainable bamboo that is water-based dark-dyed for a chic appearance. An integrated cup holder and useful side pockets for memory sticks, snacks or any other small item make the Couchmaster® CYBOSS not just ergonomic but extremely convenient also.

Whether you’re aiming for a super productive day in the home office or getting ready for a gaming marathon, you just need to decide: which Couchmaster® will you crown your G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time!)?

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