Maximize your gaming experience: the benefits of an ergonomic setup

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Put a finger down if you've ever found yourself so immersed in a new game you've played for 8 hours straight… Only to realize you couldn't get up when you wanted to because your whole back ached with pain.☝️

Whether you're saving the world or fighting to the death in a virtual arena, there's one enemy you never want to face: physical discomfort. Poor posture and inadequate ergonomics can leave you feeling beat up, while pain and discomfort can affect your overall gaming experience (and possibly even your performance).

With more than two-thirds of Americans playing video games, it's a serious health issue for gamers that requires a practical solution. It's time to tackle this challenge and take your gaming experience to the next level.

But what exactly is ergonomics?

A gamer sitting at his PC with an unhealthy posture.
A gamer sitting at his PC with an unhealthy posture.

Think about your favorite game controller. When you're using it, you want it to feel comfortable and natural in your hands, right? That's what ergonomics is all about, designing tools and environments that are comfortable and safe for people to use.

A gaming setup that has been designed with ergonomics in mind means that all its elements have been chosen and positioned to reduce discomfort and risk of injury. The main benefit of an ergonomic gaming setup is that it considers factors like your body size, posture, and how you move when gaming. It should be comfortable in the long term and provide space for everything you need, like your favorite keyboard and mouse, so you can sit for several hours at a time without back pain.

It should offer long-term comfort as well as enough space for your favorite keyboard and mouse so you can sit for hours without back pain.

If you're a PC gamer who likes to play for long hours, sitting in the same position can cause discomfort and even injury—but fear not, nerdytecers! We’ve created the most ergonomic gaming setup on the market with the Couchmaster®. Our patented technology prevents bad posture and physical discomfort from ruining your gaming sessions. So put down that controller (for now), and let's explore its advantages!


Ergonomics for the Win

Lower back pain is a widespread problem: around 7.5% of people worldwide had it in 2017. That’s a significant number! Roughly just over 500 million, in fact. If you’re one of these unfortunate people, investing in an ergonomic gaming setup can help reduce your chances of experiencing this issue.

Just like Skyrim knows how to combine different spells for maximum effect, the Couchmaster® seamlessly integrates the comfort of a sofa with the ergonomics of a desk. But unlike other loose lapboards that move around when you're swinging your arms in frustration after losing a battle, the Couchmaster® is designed to stay in place, ensuring the most comfortable gaming experience.

The Couchmaster®’s lapboard is supported by two cushions, meaning it won't rest on your legs and will always provide maximum stability. It features ergonomic wrist support with recessed palm rests, ensuring that your hands and wrists are comfortable and best protected from injury.

If a long gaming session has ever left you feeling like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Couchmaster® is here to straighten you up! When you sit down, the cushions allow your arms to rest at a perfect 90-degree angle, avoiding the dreaded "bell ringer" posture that can cause back and neck pain - this can also improve your upright posture!

Comparison Ergonomics
This is what an ergonomic posture looks like with the Couchmaster


If a long gaming session has ever left you feeling like the hunchback of Notre Dame, the Couchmaster® is here to straighten you out! When you sit down, the cushions allow your arms to rest at a perfect 90° angle, avoiding the dreaded "hunchback" posture that can cause back and neck pain—this can also improve your standing posture too!

When you're not distracted by physical discomfort, you can fully immerse yourself in your gaming experience - without back pain to bring you back to reality! But wait, how do you know you're using the Couchmaster® correctly to maximize ergonomics?


Tips and Tricks to Ensure You're Doing It Right

So, you’ve got your Couchmaster®, and you’re ready to game! Let's go over some key things to make sure your gaming space is as ergonomic as possible.

CYBOT Lifestyle picture
A woman playing on a laptop using the Couchmaster®.

Posture: When using the Couchmaster®, make sure the cushions are positioned at a 90-degree angle to the board, forming its characteristic U-shape. Ideally, you should sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor, your back and neck in a neutral position, and your shoulders relaxed. Remember that the cushions are essential for achieving the best gaming experience, so don't go without them or the complete product!

Comfort: Pay attention to how comfortable you feel while gaming. To achieve optimal performance, it's best to have a flat couch surface that doesn't cause you to sink in too much. 60cm is the optimal depth for the Couchmaster®, but the good news is that it works well with most couches due to its universal shape! If your couch is slightly shallower than 60cm, don't worry, the Couchmaster® will still hold stable.

Accessibility: Consider the accessibility of your gaming equipment. When gamers have to strain to reach their mouse or keyboard, it puts unnecessary pressure on their muscles, tendons, and nerves. Use your Couchmaster® to ensure you never have to stretch in a way that could damage your health.

Adaptability: The technology behind our models is the same, but our regular Couchmaster® products are designed for the average to slightly wider body type. However, if you're looking for one suitable for all body types and postures, our Couchmaster® CYBOSS is perfect for everyone. It features larger and wider cushions and a more extensive support surface, making it ideal for both left and right-handed gamers.

By investing in an ergonomic setup, it’s no pain and all gain for gamers who can enjoy longer, more comfortable gaming sessions without sacrificing their health. Just like the Witcher carefully selects his gear and potions before heading into battle, pay attention to the importance of ergonomics when selecting your gaming equipment, and always prioritize comfort and support over aesthetics! Browse our exclusive range of Couchmaster®’s and find the best ergonomic setup for you!

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