There are some differences between the versions. We have Couchmasters®, which are optimized for wired input devices, as well as Couchmasters®, which are rather to be used with wireless equipment.
The Couchmaster® CYCON², as well as the special versions CYCON² – CYPUNK Edition or CYCON² – TITAN edition are the best choice if you want to use wired input devices.

The Couchmaster® CYBOT, CYBOSS, and CYWORX are specially designed for use with notebooks and wireless peripherals and include only the cushions and a simple board without a cable management system.
Of course, you can also use all versions apart from the recommendations in the way that is most comfortable for you.

To connect the Couchmaster® to your computer, you simply need to connect the included 2.6 ft hub cable to the board and if necessary use the included USB 3.0 extension 16.4 ft to reach your computer. The HDMI port powers the Couchmaster® and the HUB alike and you can connect all kinds of devices to it. 

Now you can either comfortably play from the sofa directly on the PC or connect your PC with an HDMI cable or via LAN to your TV.

To connect your Couchmaster® to a TV, you connect the board as usual with the included 0,8m/ 2.6ft hub connection cable and if necessary the USB 3.0 extension and finally plug the end into the ports of your TV. Using the Steam app on your SmartTV or other gaming apps, you will be able to play directly. Alternatively, you can also mirror your tablet, phone, or laptop desktop to your SmartTV when using the Couchmaster® wireless variants.

There are some console games optimised for / with specific settings for playing with mouse and keyboard that will work without further action needed. For any other games, you will need to use certain adapters (e.g. XIM Apex). However, the trend shows that more and more console games support PC input devices natively. The most prominent example is “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”.

If you use your Couchmaster® CYCON2 or CYCON with your console, you can simply connect the board with the 0.8m HUB cable and plug the other end into your console.
When using with a console, please note that not every game is optimized to be played with keyboard and mouse.

Yes! We designed the Couchmaster to provide enough space and power for even the largest keyboards.

Yes, by using Bluetooth or wireless input devices. These are then connected directly to the PC.

Yes, you can! But as soon as several devices are connected to the Couchmaster®, we recommend to connect the power adapter.

Yes. The input devices can be positioned freely and are thus wonderful for left- or right-handers.

The cable can be extended to 10 m/ 32.8 ft with another USB extension. We recommend using the USB 3.0 extension cable available here. Simply connect the additional cable to the PC and connect it to the existing cable on the Couchmaster.

Yes, the high-quality mouse pad is specially designed for the Couchmaster® and is individually customizable for both right- and left-handed gamers and supports the skills of our fellow gamers. 

Due to the large number of different USB chip manufacturers, incompatibilities between the USB ports and the PC may occur from time to time. Connect your Couchmaster® with the complete periphery to your computer and try using different USB ports. Both USB 3.0 ports and USB 2.0 ports can be used. The ports that work best are those located directly on the motherboard. Changing the ports within the edition can also solve the problem. Wait a few minutes after connecting to be sure that your PC has recognized all USB devices.

We are also happy to help you via our support if your problem could not be solved.

No. However, a simple USB sound card with jack connectors can be connected to one of the USB ports of the Couchmaster®. The sound card is available in our store right here .

The supplied Velcro tape should only be used to fix peripherals, such as keyboards or joysticks to the lapboard.


You can find an explanatory picture and the transcript of the exact specifications of the dimensions under the item “product sizes” on the detail page of each Couchmaster®. 

In the product details of the Couchmaster®-version you’d like to find out more about, you will find information about the maximum cushion distance. You can also look into in the information and comparison table, for example on or starting page. 

The magnets only have the purpose of stabilizing the rear flaps at the corners. For sufficient stability, we have provided the two flap screws with a robust counter-thread, which holds the flaps in position perfectly.

If a magnet does come loose, it can be glued back in place using regular commercial superglue. Please pay attention to the correct polarity of the magnets. Also consider the application of all precautionary measures: Wear gloves, apply only a small amount, and press on only briefly.

Yes, there is a protective film on the design elements on the upper side of the board. It can be easily removed. Nerdytec’s recommendation: Take your time and enjoy the feeling of removing the sticker 😉.

No, it is simply placed on top of the cushions. Thus, the Couchmaster® can be adjusted to any body size and it’s easy to detach and store it.

Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, we cannot sell the cushions separately.

The pillows usually reach their full size after 24 hours. Sometimes it can take a little longer.
However, you can help by squeezing the pillows from all sides several times so that air is absorbed.
You can also help with heat, e.g. with a steam iron on a medium setting. Alternatively, place the cushions on a radiator. If this does not produce the desired result, remove the covers and treat the foam directly with steam. Lots of steam helps immediately! 😉 You can find video instructions here: Ironing pillows

No. Our Couchmaster® products do not come in neutral packaging for delivery. Both our logo and the name of the product are clearly visible on the shipping box. If you are giving a Couchmaster® as a gift, make sure to intercept the package or have it redirected to a parcel store. 

We are always happy to answer your questions promptly. Simply choose your desired contact method from the lower / footer section of our website. We will be able to support you through WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail, or by phone.

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