Couchmaster® CYBOSS
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9 powerful advantages
1 Suitable for any notebook size up to 19"
2 Ideal for both left- and right-handed users
3 Centered ventilation grille for best possible cooling of the notebook
4 Universal tablet holder including adapter for all sizes and slot access
5 Large mousepad with adhesive backside included
6 Board made of 100% natural, sustainable bamboo
7 Relieving palm rests for ergonomic use
8 nerdytec‘s patented ergonomics with side support cushions
9 Including mouse pocket and pockets on both cushions for power supplies, accessories, and more...

The biggest Couchmaster® ever

A comfy fit for every body type

The Couchmaster® CYBOSS offers significantly more space between the two soft, covered cushions. That means that every body type can now find the most comfortable position under the Couchmaster®. Even the most unusual sitting poses are no longer a limitation when playing or working. Specially designed by gamers for gamers and continuously perfected to withstand long-lasting and ergonomically intensive gaming sessions as well as long home office days on the couch. Postural deformities and back pain are effectively prevented.

Enlarged and improved support surface for even more flexibility

A huge, new board, made of water-based and dark-dyed, sustainable bamboo makes the Couchmaster® CYBOSS an insanely chic highlight in every living room and on every couch. The newly placed ventilation grill in the middle of the board allows the laptop and mouse pad to be aligned completely individually. This leaves enough space for keyboard, mouse, graphics tablets and other additional peripherals.

With the Couchmaster CYBOSS everything stays cool

At the same time, the laptop in use remains supplied with cool air, so the GPU and processor stay cool even under heavy use and even when moving the setup into bed. The Couchmaster® CYBOSS is also equally comfortable for left- and right-handed users.

Versatile multi-talent

The possibility to store unused peripherals, memory sticks, and other accessories or snacks in the attached side pockets has now been doubled in the nerdytec Couchmaster®  CYBOSS. In addition, a cup holder has been integrated, in which energy drinks, coffee or other delicacies find their place and remain within reach at all times.

Perfectly ergonomic

From an ergonomic point of view, the Couchmaster® CYBOSS is particularly recommendable. Physiotherapist Roland Kellerbach from Cologne-Germanycomments: "From a health point of view, I can say that the Couchmaster® offers the best ergonomic way to use your PC/laptop from the couch. The wide cushions relieve the shoulder and neck muscles during use, which effectively prevents tension.”

As the graphic illustrates, the Couchmaster® enables a back-friendly sitting position. Health concerns can thus be completely eliminated.

Good for the environment

We care about our environment. That’s why we manufacture the board of the Couchmaster® CYBOSS from the sustainable and renewable material bamboo and color it with water-based dyes. Therefore, each CYBOSS is unique and light as a feather. The cushions of the CYBOSS come vacuum-sealed to significantly reduce emissions during transportation.

Couchmaster® Laptop varieties

Couchmaster® CYBOSS

The biggest Couchmaster® of all times!

Couchmaster® comparison table

 Alt Text: CYCON2_Comparison_tableCYCON2_Comparison_table  Alt Text: CYPUNK_Comparison_tableCYPUNK_Comparison_table  Alt Text: Titan_Comparison tableTitan_Comparison table  Alt Text: CYBOT_Comparison_TableCYBOT_Comparison_Table  Alt Text: CYWORX_Comparison_tableCYWORX_Comparison_table  Alt Text: MiniComparisonPicture_CYPINKMiniComparisonPicture_CYPINK  Alt Text: CYBOSS_Comparison_TableCYBOSS_Comparison_Table  Alt Text: Lapboard_Comparison_TableLapboard_Comparison_Table



TITAN Edition






Cushion/ Color Alt Text: Cycon2Black-GreyMaterialSGCycon2Black-GreyMaterialSG Alt Text: CypunkMatzerialSGCypunkMatzerialSG Alt Text: Cycon2TitanMaterialSGCycon2TitanMaterialSG Alt Text: CybotMaterialSGCybotMaterialSG Alt Text: CyworksMaterial2SGCyworksMaterial2SG Alt Text: CYPINK_MaterialCYPINK_Material Alt Text: CybossMaterialSGCybossMaterialSG
Optimized for cables
USB ports 6 6 6 6
Fan grill for notebooks
Tablet Holder
Compatible with

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

Wireless / Notebooks

Wireless / Notebooks

Wireless / Notebooks

Wireless / Notebooks

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

Max. Seat area

Up to 29,5 in

Up to 29,5 in

Up to 29,5 in

Up to 27,6 in

Up to 27,6 in

Up to 27,6 in

Up to 33,5 in

Further information

  1. Cushion dimensions (LxWxH): 25,6 x 9,4 x 8,3 in
  2. Board dimensions (LxWxH): 32,2 x 13 x 1,2 in
  3. Material: Bamboo (Surface); Black cushion covers in suede look
  4. Color variations: Black
  5. Maximum inner distance cushion: 33,5 inch

  1. Bamboo surface
  2. Two cushions with integrated attached bags on both sides
  3. Mouse bag
  4. Mousepad
  5. Universal tablet mount
  6. Installation manual

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