Couchmaster® CYCON² - Black Edition
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8 powerful advantages
1 New design, created by the University of Wuppertal
2 Improved cable management system inside
3 6 USB 3.0 ports (two outside, four inside the board), including a quick charge port
4 Only 1 cable left for optional power supply and USB connection
5 Resource-saving packaging, thanks to vacuum-sealed side cushions
6 High-quality materials and precise workmanship guarantee maximum comfort
7 Lag-free connection powered by the new USB 3.0 hub
8 Convenient side pockets for remote controls, drinks, accessories and much more

The best selling Couchmaster®

Intelligent design

The new Couchmaster® CYCON² represents the current flagship of the available Couchmaster® models.Thanks to the six integrated USB 3.0 ports, all required input devices such as keyboards, mice, gamepads and headsets can be connected directly to the Couchmaster®. Of course, mobile devices like smartphones or tablets can also be connected and charged at the fast-charging USB port. To keep the cables of the connected devices out of the way, the Couchmaster® CYCON² has a modified and now even more easily accessible cable management system.

Ultimate power

To avoid having to lay countless cables across the living room up to the couch, nerdytec came up with something very special. A cable, especially developed for the Couchmaster® CYCON² establishes the connection between PC and Couchmaster®, and simultaneously provides additional power with the included power adapter. This way, even the most power-hungry devices can be operated with the Couchmaster® CYCON².

Compact and resource-saving

Thanks to the compact cushions, the new Couchmaster® CYCON² takes up less space on the sofa. In terms of materials, we chose high-quality memory foam and a robust suede-like cover. For environmental reasons, the cushions are now vacuum-packed, so that the size of the packaging is considerably reduced. On the other hand, only fully recycled plasticis used for the support board. The Couchmaster® CYCON² is therefore not only incredibly nerdy, but also conserves resources.

Perfectly ergonomic

From an ergonomic point of view, the Couchmaster® CYCON² is highly recommended. Physiotherapist Roland Kellerbach from Cologne, Germany comments: "From a health point of view, I can say that the Couchmaster offers the best ergonomics for using the PC/laptop from the couch. Thanks to the large cushions, the shoulder and neck muscles are relieved during use, which effectively prevents tension.”

As the graphic illustrates, the Couchmaster® enables a back-friendly sitting position. Health concerns can thus be completely eliminated.

Couchmaster® CYCON²

Couchmaster® CYCON² - CYPUNK Edition

Limited cyberpunk design

Couchmaster® comparison table

 Alt Text: CYCON2_Comparison_tableCYCON2_Comparison_table  Alt Text: CYPUNK_Comparison_tableCYPUNK_Comparison_table  Alt Text: Titan_Comparison tableTitan_Comparison table  Alt Text: CYBOT_Comparison_TableCYBOT_Comparison_Table  Alt Text: CYWORX_Comparison_tableCYWORX_Comparison_table  Alt Text: MiniComparisonPicture_CYPINKMiniComparisonPicture_CYPINK  Alt Text: CYBOSS_Comparison_TableCYBOSS_Comparison_Table  Alt Text: Lapboard_Comparison_TableLapboard_Comparison_Table



Titanium Edition






Cushion/ Color Alt Text: Cycon2Black-GreyMaterialSGCycon2Black-GreyMaterialSG Alt Text: CypunkMatzerialSGCypunkMatzerialSG Alt Text: Cycon2TitanMaterialSGCycon2TitanMaterialSG Alt Text: CybotMaterialSGCybotMaterialSG Alt Text: CyworksMaterial2SGCyworksMaterial2SG Alt Text: CYPINK_MaterialCYPINK_Material Alt Text: CybossMaterialSGCybossMaterialSG
Optimized for cables
USB ports 6 6 6 6
Fan grill for notebooks
Tablet Holder
Compatible with

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

Wireless / Notebooks

Wireless / Notebooks

Wireless / Notebooks

Wireless / Notebooks

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

Max. Seat area

Up to 29,5 in

Up to 29,5 in

Up to 29,5 in

Up to 27,6 in

Up to 27,6 in

Up to 27,6 in

Up to 33,5 in


Further information

  1. Cushion dimensions (LxWxH): 23,6 x 7,9 x 6,3 in
  2. Board dimensions (LxWxH): 32,2 x 13 x 1,2 in
  3. Material: suede look (microfiber)
  4. Maximum inner distance cushion: 29,5 in
  5. Color variation: Black Edition
  6. Number of USB 3.0 interfaces: 6 (4x inside, 2x outside on the board)

  1. Support Board (with integrated USB 3.0 hub)
  2. Two side cushions
  3. Mouse bag
  4. 11,8 in hub connection cable, USB 3.0 extension (196,9 in)
  5. Power adapter
  6. Self adhesive velcro tape
  7. Installation manual + 3 locking screws
  8. Gaming mousepad

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