Couchmaster® CYBOT
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8 powerful advantages
1 Best choice when using wireless devices
2 Perfect for Notebooks up to 17"
3 Resource-saving packaging thanks to vacuum-sealed side cushions
4 High-quality materials and precise workmanship guarantee maximum comfort
5 Relieving palm rests for ergonomic use
6 Cushion covers made of durable Kevlar®
7 Board made of 100% natural, sustainable bamboo
8 Generous grille guarantees perfect ventilation for your hardware

The all-round talent for gamers and home office

Intelligent design

Focused work and comfortable gaming from the couch are now possible thanks to the unprecedented ergonomics of the patented Couchmaster® CYBOTWith its special ventilation grille, the Couchmaster® CYBOT ensures optimal cooling of the laptop or notebook up to a size of 17 inches.

Good for notebooks and good for the environment

As we do not only care about our users but also about our environment, we manufacture the Couchmaster® CYBOT from sustainable materials. The renewable bamboo gives the Couchmaster® a feather-light weight.

Maximum comfort and stable hold

The padded palm rests offer maximum comfort and the side cushions with a very pleasant leather-look upper material grant a stable hold. The Couchmaster® CYBOT comes with a large mouse pad, which is of course replaceable. It is suitable for use on the couch or even in bed.

Just lean back and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience or relaxed working from your couch or bed.

An accessory with many possibilities

The Couchmaster® CYBOT is the all-rounder among couch desks and offers many comfort functions. With its extra pocket for the power supply as well as a side pocket for accessories, it keeps things tidy. To ensure that the mouse doesn’t get lost and is always protected when not in use, CYBOT has a practical mouse pocket as well as an innovative plug-in system for attaching additional accessories in the future. A tablet holder including an adapter for all common tablet sizes rounds out the user experience.

Perfectly ergonomic

From an ergonomic point of view, the Couchmaster® CYBOT is  highly recommended. Physiotherapist Roland Kellerbach from Cologne, Germany, says "From a health point of view, I can say that the Couchmaster offers the best ergonomic way to operate the PC/laptop from the couch. The wide cushions relieve the shoulder and neck muscles during use, effectively preventing tension."

As the graphic illustrates, the Couchmaster® enables a back-friendly sitting position. Health concerns can thus be completely eliminated.

Couchmaster® Laptop varieties

Couchmaster® CYBOSS

The biggest Couchmaster® of all times!

Couchmaster® comparison table



TITAN Edition





Cushion/ Color
Optimized for cables
USB ports 6 6 6 6
Fan grill for notebooks
Tablet Holder
Compatible with

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

Wireless / Notebooks

Wireless / Notebooks

Wireless / Notebooks

PC / PS 4 / PS 5 / XBOX

Max. Seat area

Up to 29,5 in

Up to 29,5 in

Up to 29,5 in

Up to 27,6 in

Up to 27,6 in

Up to 33,5 in

Further information

  1. Cushion dimensions (LxWxH): 23,6 x 7,9 x 6,3 in
  2. Support board dimensions: (LxWxH): 29,6 x 13 x 0,6 in
  3. Material: suede look (microfiber)
  4. Maximum inner distance cushion: 29,5 in
  5. Color versions: Black, Pixel Military Look

  1. Bamboo surface
  2. Two side cushions
  3. Mouse bag
  4. Mousepad
  5. Universal tablet mount
  6. Installation manual

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