CYCON - 16.4ft USB 3.0 extension cable
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Imagine your Couchmaster® CYCON is in one corner of the room on your sofa and your power source is on the other. With the Couchmaster® CY CON - 16,4ft USB 3.0 extension cable you can bridge exactly these distances and continue to charge your devices (such as cell phones, tablets and more) with full power at the integrated USB hub. No need to constantly stand up or move around, disrupting your gaming flow or work focus.Stay flexible at all times with the USB 3.0 extension cable - with five meters of cable length and a voltage of 5.5 V at a current of 3A, this is feasible in any case. Can be used to extend the USB 3.0 cable included with the Couchmaster® CYCON.
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