Take a tour of the new nerdytec HQ!

We’re super excited to announce a new nerdytec HQ launch this summer. But, don’t worry, we’re not moving far! In fact, we’re moving just down the street in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Our move into a larger building marks a significant milestone for us! It’s our first dedicated office space, and we're thrilled about the growth of our team across all departments that this expansion will accommodate.

While we loved our old office space, it was a little cozy and felt more like a small apartment sometimes. We were squeezed in there with six people at times, and it just became too small. We also needed more space to develop and work on our products.

Take The Tour

Watch our moving day video and take a tour of the new office! It was all hands on deck from the team.


Room To Grow

We're fortunate to have found a new space on the same street, which makes the transition smooth and convenient for everyone. There will be a total of six of us here again to begin. However, with this office, we can continue to grow our headcount without bursting at the seams! In our new office, we now have four rooms:

Room 1: Purchasing, Sales & Accounting

Room 2: Marketing (creative space)

Room 3: Development & IT

Room 4: Meetings & Get Together

We also have a small separate kitchen where we can prepare our common lunches.

As avid gamers, of course, we still have our gaming room in our very first office from before nerdytec was founded in 2011. We always try to keep a place where we can brainstorm creative ideas for new products away from work.

The best thing about our new office is that we have an old game machine and a pool table hanging on the wall, and we even have a real workbench now. The team is super excited to make this space much nerdier by decorating it.

Unfortunately, we don't have a pet in the office at the moment, but that will change as soon as the first person decides to get a dog. Office dogs are always welcome!

What the team thinks:

Phillip (Product Manager): I love that we have more storage space and all employees under one roof, and everyone still has peace and quiet to work in.

Roman (CTO): I think it's great that we finally have more space and a workbench for product development. Everything is finally in one place, and all the arrangements have been made for us to invent and test new products in the office.

Jamie (Sales & Marketing):I love our little mini kitchen. It is very fun to cook in it. I also love that we have the opportunity to integrate our Corporate Identity into our decorations. We even have a Lego Packman machine now, and from my desk, I can see the pool table! So fun!

Chris (CEO): The new location, the modern office, the great conference room, the super party room after work, faster internet, more space for a growing team are simply an enrichment for nerdytec.

Check out what we´ve already been working on at nerdytec HQ and don't miss any news around the world of the Couchmaster® series.

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