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General features

What is the difference between the various Couchmaster versions?
The CYCON² is for wired input devices. CYBOT and CYWORX are optimized for notebook and wireless peripherals. Other versions are variations of these two products.

Is the Couchmaster suitable for left-handers?
Yes, the input devices can be positioned freely.

What are the dimensions?
You can find the exact dimensions of each Couchmaster in a picture under the heading “dimensions” of the respective product description.

What are the magnets for?
The only purpose of the magnets is to stabilize the rear flaps at the corners. For sufficient stability, we have provided the two flap screws with a robust counter thread, which holds the flaps perfectly in position.

What do I do when a magnet comes loose?
Should a magnet ever come loose, you can - if possible - glue the magnets back in place with standard super glue. Make sure that the magnets’ polarity is correct before gluing them in. Please take all precautions for use: wear gloves, apply only a small amount, and press only briefly.

Design Elements
There is a protective film on the design elements on top of the support board. It can simply be removed.

Velcro Tape
The included Velcro tape should only be used on the lapboard for the peripherals like keyboards or joysticks. PLEASE DO NOT USE IT ON THE BIG SIDE CUSHIONS.

How far apart can the cushions be placed?
We recommend placing the cushions no further apart than 75cm.
That way the support board still rests a few centimeters on the cushions and is therefore stable.

Is the support case attached to the cushions?
No, it is simply placed on the cushions. This way it can be adjusted to any body type and standing up is much easier.

Can the cushions be ordered separately?
Unfortunately, due to logistic reasons, we cannot sell the cushions separately.

When will the cushions expand to their regular size?
Generally, the cushions reach their original size 24 hours after unpacking them. Sometimes it can take a little longer.
However, you can help by pressing the cushions together a couple of times from all sides, so that air can be absorbed faster.
You can also help with heat, e. g. with a steam iron on medium heat or by laying the cushions on a radiator/ heater.
If these methods don’t lead to the desired result, you can remove the covers and treat the foam with steam directly. A lot of steam helps instantly.

Is the nerdytec gaming mouse pad included?

Yes. The high-quality mouse pad was specially developed for the Couchmaster and fits both right- and left-handed users. The surface is designed for sensitive input with the mouse to support and enhance the skills of gamers.

Connecting your Couchmaster & connecting devices

Can the Couchmaster also be used with consoles?

Officially, there are some games that you can play with a mouse and keyboard. For all others, you need adapters (e.g., XIM Apex).
Meanwhile, however, the trend has shown that more and more console games support these PC input devices natively. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is probably the most prominent example.

How can I connect the Couchmaster to the console properly?
You can find detailed information on this topic on our blog:
I have difficulties with the USB connection
Sometimes there can be some incompatibilities between the USB ports and the PC, due to a large number of different USB chip manufacturers.
Connect the Couchmaster with the complete peripherals to your computer and try different USB ports. You can use USB 3.0 ports as well as USB 2.0 ports. If possible, use the ports located directly on the mainboard.
Changing the ports within the board can also solve the problem. After connecting, wait a few minutes to be sure that Windows has recognized all USB devices well. If you want to connect a mobile phone or tablet, we recommend plugging the power supply into your Couchmaster.

To what maximum length can the USB cable be extended?
The cable can be extended to 10m with another USB extension. We recommend using the 5m USB 3.0 extension cable available in our online store. Simply connect the additional cable to the PC and connect it to the existing cable that is connected to the Couchmaster.
Can the Couchmaster also be connected wirelessly to the PC?
Yes, by using Bluetooth or wireless input devices. These are then connected directly to the PC.
Can the Couchmaster be used with any mouse and keyboard?
Yes, it can. We have designed the Couchmaster to accommodate the largest keyboards and provide enough power to support all devices.
Are there ports for headsets with jack plugs?
These are not installed. A simple USB sound card with jack connectors can be connected to one of the USB ports of the Couchmaster. These cards can be ordered at a very low price via Amazon.
Can the cell phone or tablet be charged on the Couchmaster?
Yes, it can. However, as soon as several devices are connected to it, we recommend connecting the power adapter.


Do you offer support if I need help?
Of course! If you have any questions regarding your Couchmaster, simply choose a contacting method from the bottom of our website and we’ll be happy to help you shortly.