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COUCHMASTER® Cycon - Titan Edition

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Note: The COUCHMASTER® Cycon - Titan Edition will be delivered without peripherals shown.

COUCHMASTER® Cycon - Titan Edition

Optimised for wired input

Experience the ultimate solution for PC gaming in the ergonomically perfect position from the comfort of your couch.

This hand-crafted system finished in high-quality with nappa-leather and titanium offers you the most comfortable way possible of operating your PC from your couch. The Couchmaster Cycon Titan is the perfect connection for long gaming sessions or ergonomic working on your living-room TV. It provides the noblest way to enter into the virtual world. The large cushions provide optimum support for your forearms and your neck. The integrated USB 3.0 hub provides connections for up to four input devices (such as mouse, keyboard, headset, etc.). What is more, the latest chip technology makes it possible to run the whole system without a separate power supply*. The 5m active USB 3.0 cable supplied connects the Couchmaster directly to your PC.

We have tested the system at distances up to10 meters!

(By using an extra 5m extension cable. Available from us as an optional extra.)

(*up to 900mA. Moreover, a power supply [5V, 1-2A] is recommended)

You are the COUCHMASTER!


Special Features | COUCHMASTER® Titan Edition:
-Design elements made of real titanium
-Wrist pads and support cushions made of nappa leather
-Limited to 333 units
-Laser engraved version number and inscription
-Contrast stitching in titanium color
-Includes nerdytec mouse pad


Couch Gaming


High-speed USB 3.0 hub


The 4-port USB 3.0 hub supplied does not require a separate power supply and provides up to four input devices with the required power. Backwards-compatible with all USB standards.

5m active extension


The 5m active USB 3.0 extension cable included connects the Couchmaster directly to your
PC and can be extended to 10m.

Perfect ergonomics

couch gaming ergonomie

We have developed the Couchmaster to transpose the experience of console gaming to the PC. The large cushions provide the ideal support for your arms and ensure that your neck remains relaxed during long gaming sessions. The support case and cushions can be arranged in any position and, when you need to get up, the support case can simply be moved onto one of the support cushions.

Universally suited to your equipment

couch gaming ergonomie

The extra-wide support case means there is unlimited scope for your individual preferences. Virtually any peripherals can be accommodated and installed wherever you want. The Couchmaster is equally suitable for left and right-handers.

couch gaming ergonomie

Cable management

couch gaming ergonomie

Annoying cables are quickly and easily routed inside the support case and connected there to the USB hub supplied. The spacious internal compartments offer you ample space to get rid of tangled cables.

Wrist rests

Three individually positionable wrist rests provide additional comfort on the Couchmaster.

Mouse pocket

The universally positionable mouse pocket provides the perfect hideaway for your favourite rodent. One size fits all popular mice.

Side pocket

Useful side pocket for keeping your gaming tools/drinks close at hand.

Plug & Play

1. Simply connect your computer to your TV via HDMI.
2. Connect the Couchmaster to the computer via USB and immerse yourself in the new gaming experience!


Enjoy your games! Now on the COUCHMASTER®